Bug 7046 - Add test suite infrastructure
: Add test suite infrastructure
: Nimbus
Workspace service
: 2.4
: PC Linux
: P3 normal
: 2.5
Assigned To:
: 7045
: 7013
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Reported: 2010-06-09 14:58 by
Modified: 2010-07-01 15:46 (History)



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Description From 2010-06-09 14:58:16
Based on work in Bug 7045, begin a test suite infrastructure that allows the
test writer to instantiate entire spring contexts (and databases etc.) for an
integrated workspace-service situation (as opposed to small unit tests). 
Instantiation and teardown should be possible "at will" and should be
"idempotent" so they can be run over and over.  This is not about adding a lot
of tests themselves, but the infrastructure (which will be possible when 7045
is complete).
------- Comment #1 From 2010-06-09 16:31:19 -------
First attempt at this is merged to master for Nimbus 2.5, see this group of


See the developer README:


In the future, we are thinking of making this work from a template
programatically.  You could take a "prefabricated" layout of
etc/nimbus/worksapce-service on the filesystem, load it into Spring but only
conditionally, change what configurations need to change for a particular
test/suite *in code*, and only *then* instantiate the whole Spring context and
run those tests.

That will take some effort: we are accepting this test suite style for now (see
README).  It works and is an enormous improvement over the previous unit-test
only situation.
------- Comment #2 From 2010-07-01 15:46:51 -------
Thanks to Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes, this test suite now is more reusable with
multiple runs after his integration with the Spring @DirtiesContext feature.