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Currently Nimbus is deployed into a Globus 4.0.x Java container which is a system built around the Apache Axis engine. To get you started with this system very quickly, we provide something called the AutoContainer which is a complete Globus Java web services core environment. It comes with a setup program that configures everything you need to get a secure web services container running from scratch in about a minute.

Campaigns for Nimbus

Cloud client
The cloud client makes life easy, described at

Context agent
Lives on VMs and interacts with the Context Broker at VM boot time

Context broker
Allows clients to coordinate large virtual cluster launches automatically and repeatably

Cumulus is an open source implementation of the S3 REST API with extra features such as filesystem quotas. It is the Nimbus cloud images repository as of Nimbus 2.5

Don't know what component to pick
Choose this if you don't know what component to pick for new bugs. Someone will sort it out later, no problem.

EC2 backend
Allows the service to turn around and secure remote resources from off-site

EC2 protocols
The EC2 based protocol implementation for Nimbus


Anything concerning the installer or auto-configuration scripts. This is not a place for installation problems, please use the support lists for reporting problems. This is a place for bona fide bugs inside the installer/configuration scripts.

Monitoring components -- Nagios, MDS, and any technology that provides information about physical machines, VMs, or the services.

Interface to site manager implementations

Nimbus roadmap

Web app
Web application for Nimbus users and administrators

Workspace control
Agent that implements VMM and network specific tasks on each hypervisor

Workspace pilot
Allows integrating VMs with resources already configured to manage jobs (i.e., already using a batch scheduler like PBS).

Workspace service
Workspace service component (core site manager)

WSRF protocols
The WSRF based protocol implementation for Nimbus