GRAM is the implementation of Resource Management for the Globus Toolkit. To submit issues for GRAM, use and submit a new issue for Globus Toolkit with Component name GRAM

Component Default Assignee

Campaigns are small (approx 3-6 weeks) units of work that need to be done.

This is for keeping track of all documentation related tasks.

general GRAM stuff that does not belong in only of the above components

gt2 Gatekeeper/Jobmanager
The Gatekeeper and Jobmanager implement the GRAM protocol

gt2 Gram client
The clients to GRAM (e.g., globusrun)

gt2 RSL
The Resource Specification Language of GRAM

gt2 tests
GT2 GRAM testing infrastructure

gt3 Managed Job Service
OGSI Managed Job Service

gt3 RIPS
Resource Information Provider service

The filestreaming service used by OGSI MJFS

Master Managed Job Factory Service. The 'gatekeeper' of WS-GRAM.

Roadmaps are items that describe a 6-12 month development goal for the GRAM product. They are coarse-grained features or other desired development outcomes. They should be free of implementation details.

wsrf discovery interface
Host and scheduler information to find out about this service. Ganglia and hawkeye interfaces. "Useful" RPs in MJFS

wsrf gram clients
The wsrf clients to GRAM (e.g., globusrun-ws, gramJob java class)

wsrf managed execution job service
wsrf managed execution job service

wsrf managed job factory service
wsrf managed job factory service MJFS

wsrf managed multi job service
wsrf managed multi job service

wsrf rendezvous
Rendezvous service

wsrf scheduler interface
The code that is used by the MJES to submit and monitor jobs. For example, the scheduler event generator (SEG) and the perl scripts use to submit jobs.

wsrf tests
WSRF GRAM testing infrastructure