Bugzilla Bugzilla is the bug tracker. This is *not* for problems with Globus - it is for problems with bugzilla itself.
CAS/SAML utilities Community Authorization Service and SAML utilities
CoG jglobus Part of the Java CoG Kit. Includes the Java GSI library, GridFTP client API, MyProxy client API, GT2 GRAM client API, GT2 MDS client API, etc.
CoG Kit The Java Commodity Grid Kit. To conform with ths globdev, the CoG Kit bugzilla has been split up in three bugzillas. The CoG Kit = CoG other + CoG workflow + CoG jglobus. We will continue using CoG Kit for bugs and comments related to the Cog Kit but jglobus and CoG workflow ahich have now their own bugzillas.
CoG workflow Components that are related to the various CoG Workflow solutions
Core WS Schema Core WS Schemas
Data Replication Data Replication Service (DRS)
Delegation Service Service that enables delegation of credentials to a host
Documentation The documentation surrounding the Toolkit, including the Administrator's Guide, website, etc.
Dynamic Accounts A "credential exchange" service dynamically creating an association between a DN and a local Unix account
Falkon FALKON: A FAST AND LIGHT-WEIGHT TASK EXECUTION FRAMEWORK; Falkon is used for rapid and efficient execution of many tasks on large compute clusters and Grids.
GARS GARS incubator for reserving compute resources in the form of a WSRF based Advance Reservation Service.
Gavia‑JSC The Gavia Job Submission Client (Gavia-JSC) is an Incubator project that implements a generic graphical user interface for job submission, monitoring and management that is tailored to work with a Globus 4 grid running the Gavia Metascheduler (Gavis-MS).
Gavia‑MS The Gavia Metascheduler (Gavia-MS) is an Incubator project that implement a metascheduler exposed as a web service. This is achieved by using the Globus Toolkit 4 as the grid middleware and Condor for its matchmaking capabilities.
GCS Online Globus Certificate Service at http://gcs.globus.org:8080/gcs
GEMLCA GEMLCA is an Incubator project that aims to create a production-level solution to "gridify" (or grid-enable) legacy codes in order to run them on the Grid.
gRAVI The gRAVI Incubator project
GridShib SAML/Shibboleth to Globus attribute gateway and authorization framework
Gridway GridWay gives end users, application developers and managers of Globus infrastructures a scheduling functionality similar to that found on local DRM systems.
GSI‑OpenSSH GSI-enabled OpenSSH
HOC‑SA Higher-Order Components-Service Architecture: a specialized Web service-based Globus Resource Allocation Manager
Identifier Services Framework Work related to WS-Naming specification
Incubator Project Tracks projects going through the incubation process
Installation Installation of the Toolkit or subcomponents
Java WS Core WebServices components for Java
Java WS Security Java APIs and tools for authentication, authorization and certificate management
MDS2 MDS Version 2 (deprecated)
MDS3 The OGSI-based version of the Monitoring and Discovery System
MDS4 The Web Services version of MDS, the (M)onitoring and (D)iscovery (S)ystem facilitates monitoring and discovery of resources on the grid.
Metrics Covering the processes and technologies related to the measurement of Globus software
MonMan MonMan
MPICH‑G2 MPICH-G2 is a globus-enabled implementation of the MPI protocol
MyProxy The MyProxy server and clients
Netlogger Netlogger Toolkit
Nimbus Nimbus - http://www.nimbusproject.org
OGSA‑DAI OGSA-DAI, a contributed component
Outreach Work relating to Globus outreach
PURSe PURSe is a set of tools for automating user registration and credential management, specifically for portal-based systems
Python Grid Tools pyGridWare(Python WS Core) and related projects (pyGsi, pyGlobus, etc)
Replica Location Replica Location Service
RFT Reliable File Transfer
ServMark A Distributed Grid Service and Environment Testing Framework
SGGC SGGC incubator project
Simple CA A simple implementation of a certification authority which can issue X.509 certificates to Globus Toolkit users and services
Telecontrol Telecontrol services, including GTCP (the successor to NTCP).
Toolkit Internals Internal libraries of the toolkit, unlikely to be the target of user bugs. To submit issues for the Toolkit internals, use http://jira.globus.org and submit a new issue for Globus Toolkit.
VOMS VOMS Interceptors incubator project
Workflow caBig related workflow